Thursday, June 17, 2010

Automobile (Car/Truck/Van) Media Center

Cars with a computer inside them that are wireless and can connect to a home base in your home. You use your personal computer to sync music/videos/other media to your vehicle.

No more messing with dvds, cds, or zunes/itunes. You just sync what you want to your car over the wireless connection and your kids have a simple interface to touch what they want to play. You could have an optional cable hookup for quick syncs.

Dont get me started on reading your email to you over the radio or even working on documents at lunch time. You hook up to a 3g network and you can have a simple touchscreen web browser with a blue tooth capability for headsets and mice/keyboards.


I forgot to include on the 3g you could watch streaming media from websites for your favorite tv shows like Hulu or CBS/NBC/ABC/HBO/SHO etc... In fact you could even have a website where you can watch all those shows over a wireless internet connection (be it cellular or wifi) for a fee. I know several moms right now would pay 39.99 a month for unlimited media in their cars for the kids.

Cell Phones in a Think Pad

If the IPAD came with a built in cell phone and a blue tooth adapter for a head set you would agree that this would be great! Right now one must carry an IPHONE and an IPAD for all their needs. Forgive me for being simple but if you combined them and could just carry the IPAD your life would be easier.

Adults are probably the biggest consumer of this product. We could call it the IPHAD

First Idea

Cell phones are a means of personal communication. However if you have a group of friends you should be able to have a bit control over their phone, nothing security violating but something that allows you to express yourself to them through your phone.

When you are calling your friend you should be allowed to select the ring tone (perhaps a particular song) that your friend will hear instead of the usual ring tone. One way of using it would be your girlfriend can play a song that you hear on your phone ringing when she is upset with you.