Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creepy Idea for Mobile App

You know how you can use photo editing to remove colors from images on girls and guys to see what was under the clothes? Some people call this xray'ing. I call it creepy. Let's not let morals stand in the way of cold hard cash.

What if you had an app that when you took a picture it did that for you automatically (or at least semi-auto)? Billions of dollars when you charge $49.99 for that app is what. Kind of like Instagram except more like x-ray vision.

Not only that, even for the military like the Darpa, US Army, US Navy, or even the US Airforce. Now you can finally see with your mobile phone what is really on the other side of that curtain or window sheet.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

UAV for Deer Hunting

We are going to start working on a helicopter style UAV with infrared camera and digital cameras. Essnetially you fly the bird with your IPAD via 802.11 with a special range extender. In the event of connectivity loss the helicopter flies back to a predetermined position.

Whats the most useful if you can make targets and the helicopter can follow the target until its out of range.

The other idea is for people to inspect their fields and properties. Maybe even fence lines. Thanks for Chris Gonzalez, maybe we can make this possible.